Why Hire Professional Pressure Washers

  1. State of the Art Equipment: While it’s possible to buy pressure washing equipment from Lowes and Wal-Mart, the quality of the equipment may not be great – making it difficult to clean and manage. Professional pressure washers come with their own state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment, capable of cleaning all types of surfaces to remove dirt, mold and mildew.
  2. Environmentally-Safe: Professional power washers follow strict EPA regulations and guidelines regarding run-off water, preventing clean water contamination. They also use environmentally-safe chemicals to minimize the negative impact pressure washing can have on the climate.
  3. Licensed & Insured: If a home gets destroyed under a DIY pressure wash, homeowners insurance may not cover the damage. However, a professional pressure washing company carries their own insurance to pay for damages should they occur during the service.
  4. Experienced & Time-Efficient: Professional power washers are highly experienced and are able to thoroughly clean in a time-efficient manner. Not only are they able to quickly power wash homes, but power wash correctly so the service should only be required once a year.
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  • Jeff Curtis

    Thanks for this helpful post on why you should hire a professional pressure washing company. I like what you said about how they are licensed and insured. If the home takes any damage while washing your home yourself, you won’t be covered for that damage. I also like what you put about experience and time-efficiency. I think that a professional could do it much faster and much better, with much less risk. Thanks for the help!

  • Leviticus Bennett

    I like your point that a professional pressure washer will follow regulations. I’m hoping to get the exterior of my home washed. I’ve heard that if you do it by yourself you can end up affecting the paint negatively, so it’s best to hire someone who knows what to do.