Cleaning Your Deck After a Long Winter

Summer will be here before you know it. Having an outside living space can be a beautiful oasis for your family. But has this harsh winter left you deck dry, brittle, or unsightly? We can bring your weathered deck back to its original beauty. With pressure washing, sanding, sealing, and staining, we can make any deck that place you long to relax again.

The most common source of deterioration of decks is water

Moisture causes the wood to expand and when it dries out it contracts.  This can cause fasteners to pop, and boards to warp, crack and split. If the deck remains constantly wet, a perfect environment exists for fungus and bacterial to establish itself and rot to begin. In a worst case, wet rot will result in wood members turning to mush over time.  Maintenance to prevent this can be as simple as sweeping your deck regularly, clearing away puddles and any dirt and leaves that retain moisture and don’t dry out easily.

Sun on Deck

Sun is also a cause of deterioration to decks. Ultra violet rays can break down the bonds between wood cells.  The interesting thing is that this damaged surface actually protects the healthy wood below. So if you sand it away, fresh wood is exposed and will be damaged. So the best deck maintenance for a wood deck in a sunny area is a good coat of sealant or stain.


Insects can also cause serious damage to decks depending on your area. Cedar and redwood are insect resistant but not insect proof. There is a difference.  The best material for decking members that are in close proximity to the soil are pressure treated lumbers. So depending on your climate zone, focus your deck maintenance strategy accordingly.

Always Perfect Window Cleaning has been applying various deck coatings and providing deck pressure washing and cleaning services from Albany to Lake Placid, NY for over 9 years.